What is Digital

We define, Digital as an aesthetic means of innovation following function.

It builds a communication and an exchange between the brand and the target audience using experience, technology, interactivity and new forms of creativity.

We create ideas considering digital

because it is;
  • Beyond informative
  • Customizable for your need
  • Fast, smart and fresh
  • Location independent
  • A splendid world of reputation
  • Measurable & Trackable

We offer

  • Web Site Development
  • Campaign Solutions
  • Digital Spreading (Onlie PR)
  • Social Media Applications
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Applications (IPhone)
  • Intranet & Extranet Development
  • SEO & SEM
  • PPC
  • Online Marketing Tools
  • Advergame
  • Advanced Targeting & Data Minig
  • Banner & Interactive Ads
  • Content Managing Systems
  • Happy Pixels

A Digital Approach

A Digital Approach

Every successful outcome relies on a system. So we don't count on spontaneous achievements, but for every project we do process it in a holistic way from top to bottom and inside out.

  1. We do research & analysis in the given field with a visionar look.
  2. We do plant seeds for the project by building the right strategy for each and every marketer.
  3. We choose the right apparel, embodying our strategy using the terms of design and then strike the roots by implementing advanced technologies to its ground.
  4. Once everything is in its right place we spread the seeds using interaction and e-marketing tools.
  5. After that all you need to do is picking the fruit by tracking and measuring the return of investment.
  6. And in the end we can say; we're a little monogamous ;) We make long time commitments with our partners and consult them along their digital journey.

We serve

  • Branding


    Even tough the marketer have an identity at hand, going digital means a total renewal in terms of design and strategy. First of all we analyse the marketers' past, previous strategies, current needs and problems, then offer them a digital solution suitable for their market.

  • Creative


    Once the strategies are made, our creative team chooses the right apparel for the branding strategy so that the target audience would be stimulated by it. Creative design is not just a good idea with a clean layout and colorful images but surely it includes innovation.

  • Technology


    We develop technological integrations along with the creative executions. A digital project without an innovative and a technological roots would be erasable through time. It would not be trackable and measurable. Besides the technological integrations, we develop and manage intelligent and unique backend technologies.

  • Digital


    A fully grown project needs digital spreading to meet with its target audience. Since the basic rule of communication is choosing the right language, we offer digital marketing tools, a new model of marketing, to ensure the exchange between the marketer and the target audience.

  • Post Launch


    A full service includes branding strategies, implementation, design, technology and a post-launch maintenance. We don't leave our marketers with barefoot, we go with them along the route. We make long time commitments to manage the process.

  • Love

    & Patience