Responsibly Responsive

Finally our responsive piece is out on display! Pancar, a boutique restaurant, has recently opened its kitchen for the ones with a desperate longing for mothers eat. Lots of tasty flavors and a warm ambiance to have good memories...

So why does a restaurant need a website exactly? The guests need to see the location of the restaurant, a map would be great if included and some photos of it for the ones who haven’t been there yet. So the site should be direct, simple and the most important; accessible.When the word “accessible” come up, it meant designing different version of the same design for each and every browser & device. But today it means; “responsive design”. The term means a single design layout which can be resizable to variable sizes and forms, without neglecting its function and efficiency.

So when we learned about responsive design we decided to use it as best practice...
If you want to have a look, please click

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